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April 1, 2023, 3-8pm
Vanguard Sculpture Services
3374 W Hopkins St, Milwaukee, WI 53216  



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Brandom Terres-Sanchez is a Mexican American artist originally from Las Vegas Nevada and now an emerging artist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin studying Fine Arts at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. His paintings are paired with audio, found objects, and installation to create an immersive experience that encapsulates “Home.” His work allows the viewer to feel this personal connection to home but also feel the distance between us, home and the artist. His work has been shown in spaces like Var Gallery, Walkers Point, Union Gallery, and Gray Area. His body of work becomes physical manifestations of memory of his former home, immersive, visceral, rendered, and replicated, all descriptores that live deeply familiar yet profoundly estranged throughout his work.

My  paintings and installations are used to create an uncanny sense of home especially with the addition of audio and found objects that directly reference the home. My work derives from this longing of the home, and the memories associated with it. I believe memories are a whole body experience, and should be experienced as such. The act of replicating space and objects to fit an art space alters the way that they are interacted with, they become unusable and unenterable, this act makes the home displaced and detached from its original meaning, especially with the addition of audio that at first is an invitation, but one that you as the viewer can't fulfill. My paintings aim to provide a sense of belonging by engaging the memories associated with “home”.  Either through the sounds of our mothers, or the physical representation of a door. The viewer is meant to feel the absence and presence of family and not fully feeling welcomed into my home, a feeling I find myself feeling.