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April 1, 2023, 3-8pm
Vanguard Sculpture Services
3374 W Hopkins St, Milwaukee, WI 53216  



2023 jurors

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Sha’Tuon Simpson

I am creating work, and stories that explores my lived experience and emotions in a fem-queer-black body. Through physical and digital media including animation, video-projection, printmaking, ink, and clay; I personify various aspects of my thoughts as digestible stories to then selectively share with audiences. In working with a variety of media I am able to experiment with the idea of knowing myself.

I incorporate themes and forms of nature within my work as a way to physically and mentally ground myself in space. I use plants as they're things I've always been fond of and the natural world has taken care of me. In response to that I also want to take care of it in return. As I experiment more with my practice I realize how much the natural world has given me much insight into myself.

The materials and techniques I use draw from a place of comfort. I have a tendency to incorporate natural motifs and plant life within my work as a way to act upon the isolation made between artist and audience. My emotions and how I am as a person affect my artistry and vice versa. Ink has an immediacy to it that the process of ceramics and animation does not. That has always drawn me to it. My love of storytelling is strong enough to share it with others, and I'm willing to put myself in that spotlight for a second if it's an interesting enough story.


Linen Tape ($13-$39)
Linen Thread ($14-28)
Mull ($40)
Bone Folder ($7-$10)
Awl ($6-$9)
Instax wide 300 film ($19-$80)
Beads ($4-$16)
Beading Thread ($7-$14)
Fine/Micro Cord ($9)
Leather ($80-$120)
Printing Costs ($105+)

Estimated Total: $304-$470