is an annual fundraising event/micro-grant in milwaukee, wisconsin. the grant provides support for undergraduate seniors at the milwaukee institute of art & design and the university of wisconsin-milwaukee who are working to complete their senior thesis projects in fine arts and design

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from saturday, march 21 to thursday, april 9, we will host online voting for the grilled cheese grant with a special page on our website. during this period, for $5 you can cast your vote + support emerging artists’ theses projects.

when we are able to host our irl celebration, those who have already voted can redeem their vote for their long-awaited grilled cheese. :-) we will also encourage additional donations at this tbd event to further support our finalists & our mission.

if you are supporting our project and these emerging artists from outside of milwaukee, or know you will be unable to attend a milwaukee-based celebration in the future, you can donate now using our donate page.

it is important to vote during this online period if you are able, to provide funds to these artists while they are still working to fund + complete their projects. donations collected at our upcoming event will support these artists but will less directly support the completion of their theses, since it will be allocated after theses are completed.

we want to thank all of our sponsors so far, congratulate our finalists again, and look forward to a great celebration when the time is right.

grilled cheese grant team
rachel, sal, joe, alyssa, and ethan